after the poeming

After the poeming, for me, comes more poeming, of course!

Once again, I feel like continuing the poeming every day project, at least for a little while. 

I'm considering black out poems again, with a twist: maybe making them on paper instead of digitally? 

Except that my asthma and old paper, which seems to be calling me, do not mix well at all. I'm considering magazines as well. 

I'll figure it out later today. Right now I'm heading outside for my first photo walk with my new-to-me camera, the LUMIX GM5, which arrived yesterday. 

Check out my instagram/tumblr/FB/twitter for pics. I'm planning on writing up a very long "streamlining my camera gear" post, as soon as possible, hopefully next week.

Happy weekending, my friends. Keep up the good fight and don't forget that self-care is essential to our activism - whether we're in the middle of the protests, or cheering those who can do that important work from the sidelines because we don't have the spoons for it ourselves. 

Activism means working towards peace and justice, equality and love for everyone. 

Start with yourself and extend that love towards the world. Grow the change you want to see!