macro floral goodness

Oh my macrolicious goodness - wow. 

This morning I spent maybe ten minutes playing with my (Tamron) 90mm macro lens and was completely blown away. It's just so easy to get exactly the photos I want with this lens. That was true when I had it on my dslr and true when I had it on my film sir and it's true when I have it on my new m4/3 camera. It's just an amazing lens. 

(M bought it for me off my wish list as a birthday present, many years ago. It was my second prime lens after the nifty fifty. It was the beginning of my macro love, this lens, and sparked a huge leap/ shift in my photography skills.)

With macro, I don't mind manual focusing - in fact, I prefer it. I find getting the exact point of focus is much easier to do manually. The camera doesn't always know best, especially when you're dealing with a lot of blur. And the two features of the camera that make it work (focus peaking and the tiny but important-to-me electronic viewfinder) make this lens work, simply and happily. 

I'm still contemplating which of my other lenses to keep and which to replace. I haven't tried out my lensbaby yet, for one thing, for another, I'm looking at native m4/3 lens options - there's just a lot of lenses for this system. But since macro lenses are expensive and manual focusing with this lens  doesn't bother me in the slightest, I'll definitely keep this one for now instead of replacing it.  

Because oh my macro love, yes.