poeming to remind myself of our connectedness

when the world's grief is too much,
when the soft shell of your heart aches,
when the loneliness breaks into your oneness,
scrambling the barriers between here and then,
when night deals long forgotten despair 
and terror inserts itself, metallic and harsh 
behind your tongue, the worst of humanity 
remembered in five never-ending minutes of replay,
when love doesn't seem like it could possibly be enough 




you have served this world just by existing. 
you have filled rooms with laughter. 
you have given strength to friends who forgot their own 
you have lived each moment as it came,
the terror and the joy, the grief and the mundane 
you have all you need in this moment to be loved deeply 
and if the well inside you is dry, you only need to look to the sky 
the sky above us all, shimmering and whole,
clouds passing endlessly in their everyday lullaby,
stars blinking in and out of sight.

you are loved. 

endlessly and completely. 

there is nothing in this world that exists independently of that love. 

there is only this moment. and the next. and the next. 

our history is written in dust,
our lungs are filled by stars,
our love is an epic yes 

all we need to do is remember