poeming towards the end of may

that as we near 
close the gap 
vent behind 
feel loved 
behind us 

This month, I continued my poeming every day. I chose the found, blackout (or smudge) style poem for my daily practice in party because I did it last year, but also in part because I've been admiring the analogue blackout poems of a few of my (online and offline) friends. 

For the most part, I did my blackout poeming analogue, but in the last week, I've been frustrated by my source material (magazines). 

A very large part of blackout poeming is the source material. 

There's nothing set in stone about a personal daily project, except the every day doing of it. So, when I haven't felt the analogue love, I've reverted to using digital sources (articles and novels that I'm currently reading). 

Either way, there's poems. One a day, sometimes more. 

And that's the point of the project.