summer 2015 begins

We've been enjoying the gorgeous early summer weather around here.

And the tree pollen. Oh wait. No. We're not enjoying the tree pollen so much.

(Itchy eyes* and lots of sneezing and nose blowing. Fun times.)

This week I'm getting ready for my first belly dance performance* in, um... three freaking years. Whoa.

I forgot about this performance when I was thinking I'd be able to tabula rasa the house this week. Now I'm thinking I will wait until after we get back from Morocco to tackle the second draft of my book. This week I have to pull together my music and costuming.

And after this week, it really isn't that long til we leave, and I have a lot to do before then!

Plus, I may as well enjoy the delicious early summer weather here while I can. I've got my refrigerator ice tea, the ceiling fan on and a book on my kindle.

Yup, summer time has begun. And oh, I am feeling fine.

Even with the itchy eyes.



* Highly recommended allergy lifesaver? An eye wash cup. I use the same saline solution I use with my neti pot and rinse my eyes out when they're super itchy. It helps a lot. As does the neti pot. And benedryl, when the Zyrtec/ Claritin doesn't cut it anymore.

* At the Shimmy for Domestic Happiness Hafla.