unfolding reminder

It is OK not to know which lens to pick. And go back and forth, back and forth for weeks. And it is OK to finally just make a decision already, even if it's the wrong one. Any (autofocusing prime) lens is better than no (autofocusing prime) lens. 

It is OK not to know how to get to sleep before one am. Especially in the beautiful, soft, warm humidity where your whole body just sighs and says, "Yes, this is the best" and you're finally feeling awake after being groggy all day. It is OK to not want to go to sleep during the best part of the day (really, night) and remember, once again, why you are a night owl. (Summer nights are the best.)

It is OK to take long baths in the morning when you're too awake to stay asleep because of loud birds or incessant thoughts or bad dreams or whatever it is that wakes you. To luxuriate in cold brewed coffee and warm water when you're still tired. And it is OK to sleep in when you can.

It is OK to not be always happy. To have days that just feel sad and gray, no matter what neat or interesting things happen. And it is OK to not like those days very much, but to live with them anyway and remember to be gentle and creative and grumpy all at once. 

It is OK. And it is OK. 

It's all unfolding. 

Not as it should (no should) but as it is. Right now. Right here. 

This moment. The only moment. 

(And again. And again. And again. Until no next moment arises.)

It is always unfolding.