unfolding/ streamlining

It's difficult to make decisions about what lenses and cameras to keep and which to sell (or essentially, trade).

The buyback value of photo gear is not very high, since the buyback places go on to sell the used gear (which is how I normally buy mine). Still, it's way easier than selling my gear on my own.

And ease can be worth taking a price cut, to me.

I do not want to keep equipment I am not using. That does not fit in with my "keeping what sparks joy" philosophy. (Thank you KonMari for putting that so simply and so beautifully.)

Thinking about value and which lenses I could replace with (better, smaller, lighter, faster) m4/3 lenses, and which lenses I do not need at all is good practice for me, in that it makes me think harder about my actual photographic practice (versus the idea of what I could do or what I used to do or what I might do someday). And it makes me think about what it is about photography that does spark my joy.

Right now, I'm so focused on my own art (year three of a daily self portrait project that still sparks immense joy) that I've completely given up paid photography work. It wasn't sparking joy for me.

And that isn't to say it won't again, somewhere down the line, but right now, my practice is what it is. So, tailoring my photographic gear to what I'm actually doing makes much more sense.

I keep flirting with the idea of merchandise - a book, prints - but not ever following through, because I'm not ready yet. When I'm ready, if I ever am, it will happen.

Last year, I needed to focus on healing and this year I am focusing on writing, editing and traveling. I haven't set a date for when I start working on draft 2 of my book because I haven't decided if I want to do it before or after we go to Morocco this summer. (It's only about a month and a half away!)

So yes, right now I'm still incubating.

And I'm preparing myself to let go of gear, and streamline.

And I'm unfolding.

Always, unfolding.