unfolding time, the ebb and flow

I keep thinking it's wednesday today. But it isn't. It's tuesday.

Time is still very much on my brain, I suppose.

And maybe it always will be. I think that is a very human thing, because after all, it was our brains that invented time to begin with.

And what if we were able to change the way we keep track of time? Shift the paradigm to the burrito version, or something else altogether. Well. That might be a fun theoretical party trick, but it doesn't help me keep track of when to pick my kid up at school, that's for sure. Our measurement of time may not be entirely accurate, but it is eminently practical. Sometimes practical is good.

And sometimes practical gets in the way. Like, say, when you're trying to sit still and follow a thread of thought down a rabbit hole.

Yes, daydreaming is very much part of my writing process. But so too, is the practical side of taking care of my life so that I have space and time to write.

And this week, in addition to tabula rasaing the house (got my office cleaned up today, yay!) I'm also trying to make (more) space for spacing out.

Balancing the practical with the theoretical.

Balancing my creative life with my home making life.

Balancing this unfolding. First one, then the other, balancing over and over and over.

Never perfect. Perfect will never be my goal. Instead my goal is to be just right, in the moment as it is. Which if I think about it, is always what it is.

A balance of this and that. A here and there. A yes and a no. An ebb and a flow.

An ebb and flow, always.