a tale of two lenses

I've started gathering lenses for my new mirrorless system and oh boy, am I having fun playing around with them! 

I went on a photo walk around my neighborhood today to highlight the possibilities of my two new lenses: on the left, images from the Olympus 9mm body cap lens (Yes, it's a lens built into a body cap! It's tiny!) and on the right, images from the pancake size Panasonic 20mm 1.7 lens. (All images were cropped to fit in the collages.)

Clearly, you can see the focal length difference between my two new lenses - extreme wide angle vs "normal." I mean, at arms length with the 9mm I can see my entire outfit! That's just fun! 

But the wider aperture of the 20mm also clearly stands out, because of that beautiful separation between what's in focus and what isn't. (Blur for the win!) I'm still not entirely sure if this is the normal lens for me (that 25mm 1.4 Panaleica is worth saving up for) but for now it will do, I think. (I love the images, but not the slow-as-molasses low light autofocus. My only other in budget option is the 17mm 2.8 Olympus and it doesn't seem worth switching to, because not only does it have a narrower aperture, it is also not considered a fast focusing lens.)

In any case, these are two totally different lenses, which was the point of buying them. Streamlining my system so that each part of the system has a clear use, a clear place and brings joy in the use. 

Yes. It's all about the joy. 

(Kon-Mari for the win!)