playing with platforms - more options

I'm still playing around with platforms, figuring out what works best for me.

Right now, I'm looking at three options: StorehousePixotale and Bonjournal (I haven't published anything to Bonjournal yet).

Each have their pluses and minuses. Even though I can embed storehouse stories (as a link with photos) on this blog, I can only do it via the desktop version, not the app. That's not useful when I'm traveling*.

Pixotale may not have as shiny a look as storehouse, but I can add photos straight from my goople plus (i.e. Picasa) account, which is SUPER useful. Right now, after adding one story, I'm gravitating to pixotale.

I'll continue platform testing this week and we'll see what unfolds.

(Less than a week til we leave! I'm so excited!)

Unfolding, yes. Indeed.

*Plus, the iPad mini blogger apps (both the official app and the paid app I got this weekend to test out whether it was just that app) are not posting photos from my iPad anymore!

I'm going to clean up those posts which the photos did not load on now. Thanks for your patience!