We're pulling together the last minute details. Finding the things needing to be found, buying the things that need to be bought.  

Traveling is part of living, for us. Which means it's us and the place we are, whether that is at home in our house, or at home in the world. We travel light, by American standards, and we plan a lot less (and a lot less in advance).    

Still, there are preparations to make, because preparing for adventure is wise. In this case, we're preparing for an airplane journey, life in a hotter climate, and an immersion in Darija (Moroccan Arabic) and French. With maybe some Spanish in Tangier. If we go to Tangier. - at this point we haven't planned out our itinerary - see what I meant about not planning in advance?   

Luckily, between M and I, we do fairly well in French. (He remembers more verbs, I remember more nouns.) And we got a decent guide to Darija, called "Shnoo the Hell is going on H'naa?" Hopefully that and translate on my phone will do the trick.    

So, we're getting ready. But we're not leaving yet. We have almost an entire weekend at home, still. (Time to go through things with our house sitter. Pack. Get last minute details sorted out. Have a fun couple of days here, enjoying summer. Etc.)   

It's going to be amazing adventure, our travels in Morocco: beautiful, overwhelming, exhausting, joyous, educating, eye opening, and more. Just like life. Because it is life. This amazing, exhausting, overwhelming, beautiful, wonderful life.    


Oh, how I love it!

[Edited to add: blogging on my iPad is still messed up, I do not know why. Oh well. That just pushes me to go to a different platform. I'll make that decision this weekend, too.]