unfolding: storehouse as a potential storytelling/ photo essay platform

I'm in that last stretch before we leave for Morocco where I'm finishing up with what seems like all the almost last minute details and part of that is deciding what to do with my blog while I'm away.

To recap - sometimes, I schedule posts from my archives and sometimes I blog sporadically and sometimes I take the entire vacation off entirely, depending on where I'm going and for how long.

And I haven't yet completely decided yet what I'm doing this time around (except I'm 98% sure I won't have time to schedule posts from the archives), but in looking into new ideas, I discovered a new-to-me platform yesterday that I like, that looks like a distinct possibility for me, either while I'm in Morocco, or when I get back: storehouse.

Storehouse solves the problem of wanting to post a lot of photos that look nice from my iPad without inundating my tumblr/ instagram feed. But it isn't quite as flexible as I'd like, vis a vis design and adding photos directly from picasa. (Maybe that will come later?)

So I'm not quite sure yet, but I liked it enough to publish my first story: a tiny snapshot of family life.

And here's something different: I'm asking for feedback! Do you like storehouse as a potential platform for my stories or not? (You can respond directly on storehouse, because I can't figure out a way to remove comments yet. And maybe, since it's a social platform, I won't need to - I removed comments here because of all the spambots. That's never been an issue on FB/ instagram/tumblr.)

And then I had a thought that storehouse might be the right platform for my previous ebooks, which is an interesting idea, and opens up all sorts of possibilities about stories I could tell!

I love photo essays. Blogging is similar, but not the same, especially as I've moved away from sharing a lot of photos here and more towards sharing them on instagram/ tumblr.

So if you don't mind letting me know what you think, I would appreciate it a lot, thanks!

And now I have more Morocco preparation to do... I'm currently researching savory protein bars for myself, as an easy meal/ snack. Yum! How come I haven't ever seen these in the store? Maybe I haven't looked in the right spot? I don't like dates, so I haven't really looked at the Kind Bars but now they have sweet AND savory bars that don't have dates! Luckily, Souster B was paying attention and mentioned them to me. Yay! Gluten free is a tricky thing on vacation, so having something on hand for if I can't find anything else is important!

Oh, I'm getting so excited about our trip!

This unfolding year, yes indeed.