reentry (Morocco)

Fes from the rooftop of Riad Jamai.

We've been back from our wabi sabi Moroccan adventure for a week and a day.

I actually ended up doing the majority of my writing on my personal Facebook while I was gone - in addition to my instagram/ tumblr photos - since I knew the people who most wanted to keep tabs on us were relatives (our moms, especially), and I wanted to get into details that I didn't want to make public, while we were there. (Like, where we were staying and where we were going.)

Now that we're home, I plan on archiving those nightly recaps in a longer lasting format (either here or on Pixotale, Storehouse, Bonjournal or Steller). And writing more of the stories and sharing more of the photos I took. Which is a lot. Three weeks worth of stories and photos.

I can't get it all done at once, but I can start.

(Hello. This is me starting. On my blog. It's been a month and a day since I last blogged here, which is the longest break I've taken since I committed to daily blogging back in 2011. Coming back after a month feels intimidating, but it isn't really, that's my mind. I am writing through that intimidation. Hello.)

Fes, intentionally blurred.

This past week since we've been home, I've been gathering the photos (over 4500!) from my camera(s) and putting them onto my computer and then uploading them to the cloud. They're unorganized for the moment and that felt like a blogging hurdle last week. Going through over 4500 photos is a pain in the tuchus. But it isn't difficult, only time consuming. And I don't actually need to organize the photos to start blogging, that's only an excuse.

Maybe I needed a week to decompress. Or maybe I just feel blah about blogging at the moment. I seem to have hit another crossroads and I'm once again unsure which direction to take. I definitely have hit a blogging plateau. And writing through it feels like slogging at the moment, but I'll keep going.

(And every once in awhile I start thinking about the next draft of my book and wondering whether blogging is a distraction from that work, or if that work is a distraction from blogging. And how much of that wonder is fear - fear of the book and the blog, which is really fear of artistic commitment. Which is why crossroads keep appearing. I like to keep choosing new creative paths. But committing to one is very good practice. I've been committed to the blog for almost five years. It's hard to push that aside for a book, especially since the book's outcome is so unknown. The outcome of the blog is easy to see in my archives, which are, right now, the bulk of my creative legacy.)

Fes, scribbles of blur.

So. Stay in the moment and don't let excuses or crossroads or fear distract me. Right here. Right now. Sharing my moment and also these photos from the rooftop of our riad in Fes, which was a highlight of my experience in Morocco. (The riad itself, that spectacular view, and Fes. Oh Fes. Fes was truly the heart of Morocco for me.)

I have so many (so. many.) photos to share from Morocco. And so many stories. And while I wish I had done more long format blogs/ stories from the road, that just wasn't in the cards.

So I will start now. Here I am.


(Pressing publish.)