summer reading (or not)

Photo from our second trip to the Oasiria, where M and I traded off reading and going on rides. I started reading Frances Mayes' A Year in the World: Journeys of a Passionate Traveller, which I think I had read parts of before. I love travel stories. That pouch, by the way, was something I bought at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand!

I seem to be making up for last year's epic reading binge with a bit of a reading slowdown this year.

I haven't finished a novel since March, when I commented on how odd it was that I hadn't read a novel in over a month.

It's strange. I'll pick some awesome looking books at one of my (e)libraries, download them onto my kindle* and then completely ignore them, while they eventually expire.

I've read more than a few nonfiction books, including a book or three of poetry. And a few short stories, too; ok, I haven't completely stopped reading fiction. I just haven't read any novels since March. March! What!

I think part of what's going on is that I was doing a read-thru of all of David Mitchell's books and I stopped after finishing Cloud Atlas in February. (Oh my goodness, yes. It was even better after reading more of his work!)

A book has to be even better than usual to get me to want to supplant the series I am currently in the midst of reading. I am a notoriously tough reader. To paraphrase the food critic from the movie Ratatouille, I don't like books, I love books and if I don't love a book, I don't finish it!

So next up, Black Swan Green.

But since I have to place a hold for it, I'll try a new-to-me Robin Hobb trilogy while I wait. Since I know I love her writing, I think they'll capture me. We'll see.

Her latest Fitz and the Fool book comes out in a few weeks, yay!

And there's a new David Mitchell book coming out in the fall... swoon.

* Speaking of ereaders, I bought M a used Nook Touch with Glowlight before we left for Morocco and he seems to love it. Or at least, being able to travel with it. He almost left it in the seat pocket of our airplane in Madrid and he went back for it!

(They had already found it, so he didn't have to go back thru security, which was good as we were cutting it pretty close, since our flight to Madrid had been extremely delayed.)

Why did I get him a Nook, when I have a Kindle (and love, love, love it)?

Simple. He already has a tablet/laptop hybrid with the Kindle app (the better to read graphic novels with). He doesn't mind side-loading books (or rather, having me do it, since I've been offering).

And... eventually, I might try rooting it.


Yup, I'm still a geek.

(But I also don't like brand loyalty. I like being able to switch operating systems with ease.)