Oh, August. Yes.

One of my favorite months, and yet. Sometimes the ending of summer (the light, waning) can be triggering. This hasn't happened yet (it usually hits at the end of August nowadays), but it's good to remember as I go into the month.

It's important to remind myself so that it doesn't take me by surprise.

And yet, it's just as important to remember that each year is new and doesn't have to be the same. Life - time - is always unfolding.

I'm going to let the unfolding continue to teach me this year: continue to remember not to should myself about what I need to remember are choices. Continue to remember that I am here, and that simply being here is enough. And that doing more is icing on top of that cake. That each time we practice

So, the fact that I haven't yet written up so many of the stories of Morocco yet, is a choice. I'm making the choice to be here right now, in August, having more adventures instead of writing or photo editing. I will write up those stories, but I shall do it in my own time.

Yes. In my own time.

Oh August.