late summer nights

Moroccan light fixture, from our Airbnb apartment in Marrakech. Beautiful!

Today is starting slowly. It's already afternoon, but it still feels like morning, because I stayed up super late last night, even for me.

And that's ok.

I took a bath and researched places to go for our anniversary labor day weekend. (Airbnb is my new go-to.)

And as my wise, wonderful friend Sh pointed out (at past 2 am my time, ahem), sometimes the middle of the night is the only alone-time we can get. And that is definitely true right now, since we're doing mom-camp instead of summer camp.

And oh, how I needed to decompress after yesterday's adventure (to a very crowded Legoland)! Hordes of kids in an enclosed space just overwhelms the hell out of me. It's fun, but oh. Yes. Taking a bath and soaking in the night breeze, listening to the peepers was definitely worth a little tiredness today.

So yes, it feels like morning and it's afternoon.

And tomorrow might be the same.

Rinse and repeat.

That's life as a night owl.

Oh, how I love summer.
* It's not extreme tiredness, because Remy has finally reached the point where he can let me sleep in, instead of needing me as soon as M leaves for work, so I'm able to get enough sleep, even when I stay up late. Which omg, is life-changing and awesome!