stained glass (wedding)

Last weekend we went to Delaware (and then Pennsylvania) for the weekend, celebrating a friend's wedding Saturday.

I haven't been in a Catholic church in a long while - maybe since we went to Europe last? I'm not sure. This one where the wedding was held was very beautiful. Oh how I loved their stained glass windows! I also loved that they had a Latin Christian music band playing the hymns between prayers. I did not even know that was a thing, but it was very fun!

And wedding receptions are tons of fun too, of course, especially receptions where there's no need to drive anywhere after, either because the hotel is within walking distance or because the bride and groom thoughtfully hired cars or a bus to transport everyone - in this case, it was a rented school bus which drove us there and back.

This was essentially our fourth wedding in a year (last summer, our babysitter got married in July - a little over a year ago, but I'm still counting it). That's a lot of weddings! I don't think we have any more weddings coming up anytime soon, but you never know. People can be surprising!

Meanwhile, M and I are coming up on our 16th wedding anniversary and while we haven't decided exactly what to do for it yet (we're almost always last minute planners), I am looking forward to it. 16 years. Sixteen. Years. It's rather mindblowing because it still feels like yesterday.