summer unfolding: mom-camp and social justice

Last year I decided to reframe the week between when summer camp ended and school began (which has been difficult for me many years) and called it, "mom-camp." This might have been confusing to people (it sounds like a camp for moms, which might be super fun, but isn't what this is) but to me it made perfect sense. Hang out with mom instead of going to camp: mom-camp.

This year, Remy has decided not to go back to the new summer camp* and so mom-camp is starting early.

Mom-camp is definitely fun for both of us, so I'm happy.

And ok, mom-camp can also be exhausting. Being the night-owl mom of a morning lark is tough, but it's getting better every year. This summer, Remy is letting me sleep in more. Having a not-exhausted mom makes for more fun adventures. He's starting to figure that out.

There's three weeks until back-to-school (ZOMG, fourth grade!!!! eep!). And for those three weeks, we'll do mom-camp, mixing fun go-out-and-do-stuff adventures with chillax days. This year, I'm also working on ways to involve Remy in several of my house-tidying adventures (today I swept and rearranged the back porch while he tidied up the sun room/ his Lego).

(I have a few areas left to KonMari.)

We'll also continue our normal streaming media after 4pm* life.

I'm likely not going to be blogging five days a week. Three days a week might be a better goal for now, we'll see.

Yes, we'll see. And summer will keep unfolding.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Oh, how I love this life. This wabi sabi, filled with grief and love and pain and joy and injustice and kindness, life.


This one, precious life that truly is a miraculous gift. Which is why, to me, black lives matter* so very, very much. Because it is unjust that while I write about summer and mom-camp (and anxiety and grief and love) another mother doesn't have that opportunity because her son was shot.

And I am not ok with that injustice.

And so I will keep writing. And keep working for social justice. And keep living my life, too, mom-camp and beyond.


* One of the things I liked about this new camp is their refund policy: we bought a package of 10 camp days (you can add to that package at any time) and any days that you don't use are automatically refunded at the end of summer.

* Yup, I went from writing about summer and mom-camp to writing about #blacklivesmatter because that's exactly what the new civil rights movement means to me: people of color (and transpeople, and queer people, and disabled people, and neurodiverse people and yes, all non-majority people) have a right to be alive. And that needs to be an everyday thing for PoC, being alive and not being killed by the police.