autumn begins

Sunday, during the day before erev rosh hashana, we went for what has become my favorite local hike, at eagle rock.

And already up there (which is not that much more "up" than our house, but enough that it is), the leaves are really starting to turn. Red and yellow and of course, the ubiquitous brown.

No one ever oooohs and ahhhhs over the brown leaves, but they are the most common and I like their subtle display of color. Plus, brown leaves remind me much more of California, of home.

Autumn begins slowly, but surely. One leaf at a time.

We'll be taking the air conditioners out of our windows soon.

I've started wearing socks in the morning.

I've started making hot coffee, instead of iced.

Part of that is that I have allergies this time of year, so my throat is sore and the hot coffee or tea is soothing.

And even though going for a walk into the woods means my my allergies are that much more intense (especially if I forget to wash my hair before bed), I'm willing to make that trade.

Because the world is just that beautiful.

So very beautiful.