finding my novel reading mojo again

oh goodness. this week went by so quickly.

yesterday was a complete blur of waking up super late, after staying up til morning finishing the next david mitchell book (i'm reading them in order and i only have one left that i haven't read yet - the thousand autumns of jacob de zoet). i am not sure why black swan green, a bildungsroman about a young british boy, was so compelling, but it absolutely was.

and that's why mitchell is one of my favorite authors.

(his next book, the slade house, comes out right before halloween. i'm a bit worried it will be too scary, but we'll see.)

i have the thousand autumns on my kindle, but i decided to take a breather from the david mitchell intensity and read a silly vampire book (some girls bite, which is the first in a 13 book series) instead.

oooh, and i'm next in line for fool's quest (the next robin hobb book!)

looks like i've found my reading mojo again.