photowalking at dusk (plus footnotes)

Last night, I took a photo walk at dusk while M was watching Hulu* and Remy was playing on our new-to-us Wii U** gamepad.

I tried to time it to sunset, but since that didn't happen, I decided to work with the fading light and capture light and shadow and blur.

(Um, isn't that already my thing?)

It's been too long since I took a photowalk.

And I don't know why.

So I decided to just take one.

And I'm glad I did.

So very glad.

* This is a nightly ritual at our house.

We turn on our projector during dinner and we watch something together on Hulu or Netflix. These days it's usually Penn and Teller's Fool Us or a cooking show, especially one of the contest variety (Chopped, Iron Chef, Top Chef Master are three favorites).

After dinner, Remy is usually disinterested in watching family shows with us, so he goes back to drawing or video gaming or reading until his bath.

(He's already finished his guitar practice and homework by this point. It is much simpler for us to get things done if we don't put them off because procrastination makes all of us frustrated.)

M and I watching shows together has been a thing for us for a very long time.

And this seems like such a typical, boring, consumerist thing, but to two very geeky/ nerdy people who love stories in all forms (we're also both bookworms and movie lovers), it is infused with our own touches, with our own creativity, with our own sensibility.

Which is not to say that it isn't typical or boring or consumerist. But to say that I don't give a fig if we are typical or boring or consumerist. Because my actions are choices and I like watching shows with my love, together.

** Remy and I*** bought the Wii U last week off ebay. And then I ordered an extension cable for the sensor, so we could play games on our wall. DAMN that is fun!

But also fun is the fact that M and I can still watch shows together while Remy plays the Wii games on the gamepad. Or we could play together on the big screen!

Flexibility is awesome. The gamepad is the reason I got a Wii U over the PS3 (which would have been a normal upgrade for us, since we have a PS2) or Xbox.

*** (Footnotes within footnotes, because that's very me.)

Yes, Remy and I bought the Wii U together! Remy paid for his half with money he has been saving since Hanukkah! His original plan was to buy an R2D2 robot, but after reading the reviews last spring, he agreed that they probably aren't as cool as he thought they would be (though I think he's still hoping they come out with a new one).

It impressed me a lot that he agreed not to get a possibly/ probably faulty droid, so when he started asking whether he could play Disney Infinity 3.0 (answer: not on our PS2, we'd have to upgrade), I decided to figure out what console to upgrade to (and since the Wii U cost more than Remy had saved, I paid for the rest).

I'm looking forward to finding games for the Wii U for me, especially dance (and karaoke!) games! I'll be trying these from the library before buying, of course. It just makes more sense.

Remy is saving up money for Disney Infinity 3.0. (Unfortunately our local library doesn't have it.)