self care for the heavy days

I took this photo before I realized it was my name in the heart! 

Right now the world feels heavy and hateful.

So much hurting in the world, so much pain. So much suffering.

So much injustice that just isn't right. So much unnecessary meanness.

I feel the weight of all of it. I feel it in my chest and in my head - this aching gasp of humanity.

And this isn't new. Not at all. And neither is my feeling it. It's just feeling overwhelming again because hormones and autumn and specific news triggers.

And because it isn't new, this overwhelming empathy of mine (and the overwhelming grief of the world), I have my ongoing practice of radical self-care to help me take one breath and then another and keep going and allow the weight to slowly lessen.

Gentleness. Water. Love.

Photowalks and silly songs and movies and books and tea and cuddling.

Vit d3 and staying hydrated and moving my body and meditating.

Rest. Plenty of rest.

The weight of the world will always be with me (until I am not). I am grateful to be able to feel it, this grief, because it means I can feel it. That I am alive and that my connection to humanity - to the world, to the universe, to the stardust that we are all made of - is still alive.

Oh, it is hard being alive sometimes.

And oh yes, it is worth it.