turning towards (overflowing love)

Tonight, kol nidre reminds me yet again to turn towards forgiveness, to turn towards love. To return to the path of my heart.

Once again, I ask: if I have offended, either knowingly or unknowingly, by my actions or inactions, may I be forgiven.

Once again I say: if I have any leftover unforgiveness, let it be washed away, and let me forgive.

Once again I plead: may the meditations of my heart and my soul be acceptable, may they be heard, may they find favor.

May there be justice. May there be kindness. May there be overflowing love.

May all beings find justice.
May all beings find kindness.
May all beings find overflowing love

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In 2012, I also wrote a piece on fasting and gratitude.

May you have an easy fast (if you are fasting) and may you have an easy not-fast, if you are not fasting.