a lesson in autumning

Autumn has been gathering steam, growing into an undeniable phenomenon, despite our recent return to warm sunny days.

My wonderful MIL was here for a little while, and now she's off to attend a retreat she's coordinating, and then she'll come back here for another little visit. Having her stay is great and it also means I'm off my writing schedule by choice. Today I'm back. Next week I'll likely take another short break.

One thing I really love about autumn is documenting the transition of the seasons.

(Spring, too. I am a fan of flowers, after all.)

Autumn is spider webs and last minute flowerings and changing leaves.

Autumn is remembering that life goes on, even when it seems to be dormant.

Autumn is a teacher of endurance and the blessing of letting go.

And so in the middle of soccer practice and photowalks and sweeping leaves and acorns off the front steps and the annoyance of having to wear socks again (thank goodness for wool) and the pleasure of getting to wear my swants again (thank goodness for wool), I pause to let autumn remind me that within me, I carry the seasons of the world, and the endurance of life.

I will carry on.

I will nest. I will get fed up with the cold. I will dig deep and appreciate the beauty of snow. I will long for spring. And then spring will return and the seasons will turn and I will remain in the moment because it is here that I live, in this moment.

In this moment.