practicing unpredictability

Oh, October.

Falling acorns, leaves and branches and a hurricane coming up the coast with such an unpredictable trajectory that no one knows what the weekend will bring.

Yesterday it looked like it would hit us. Then they said, no it'll hit Virginia. Then today it looks likely to bypass landfall entirely.

(I hope that our coastal areas don't get hit too hard.)

Uncertainty is actually much more of a constant than most of us would like. Part of my practice of being human means practicing flexibility in the face of uncertainty. That's why one of the phrases I use most is "We'll see."

Because we don't actually know until that moment, when what might happen actually has happened.

("See" in this case means processing it in the moment with whatever senses we are able to use.)

Most of the time, life is predictable enough that we don't need to take a "wait and see" approach, at least not actively.

But a hurricane (like a lot of other major events) changes that predictability.

And so, I shall once again actively practice not knowing.

I shall actively practice waiting and seeing.

I shall actively practice letting life be as unpredictable as it always is.

This is good practice - a reminder me that life is about practicing flexibility, whether I remember or not.


We'll see.