Last night, I went outside to take some photos of the full moon.

(I will never see the moon again without remembering Caleb. May his memory always be a blessing.)

Pro tip: if you want clear shots of the moon, use a tripod; I'm going for something different when I shoot at night, so I don't usually use a tripod. Hand held at these settings equals a lot of blur and noise.

And sometimes I add more noise. I like that graininess, what can I say? It reminds me of old film.

Moody. Blurry. Grainy.

Wabi sabi.

I play with my settings and see what happens. (Yes, I know what settings do what, that's how I'm able to play with them!)

The lens I used last night is my longest - the 90mm a-mount macro. Since it needs an adapter to be used on my Lumix GM5, it's manual focus only.

And I can only change the aperture via the adapter ring, which is guesswork, especially in the dark.

90mm automagically becomes 180mm with the crop factor of the m4/3 system. That's a LOT longer than any of my other lenses right now!

Ah, but then I added my camera's 4x digital zoom, which makes it about the equivalent of a 720mm lens.

That digital zoom on the GM5 is really freaking sweet! Yes, it adds graininess, but as I stated early, I like graininess.