you are the sun and the moon

here's what i need to write today: you are the sun and the moon, both. both.

you are brightness burning intensely in the center of your own galaxy. your gravity is weighty enough to hold every object in orbit around you. you shine with every ounce of your being, the most important source of energy in the known universe.

and you are a small chunk of rock, revolving in orbit around someone else in orbit, around someone else in orbit, around someone else in orbit - an endless orbiting... and that rock you are has no discernable light of its own, but in reflection, in the shining of the sun, the bright fire that would burn you up and consume you if you were to somehow careen into it, that bright shining lights (parts of) you up, in cycles.

and what i mean by this is: you are the entire universe and you are also a teeny tiny part of the universe, all at once.

humongous and tiny, all at once.


i've written this reminder before and i am fairly confident i will need to write it again, because i will need to read it again.

it is hard to remember we are both huge and tiny. it is hard. that is why i practice, because it is hard.

and so it gets easier to remember: i am all and nothing, both. and how beautiful both everything and nothing is.