Our four day weekend went by in a slow snuggle: all our regular comfy cozy hygge activities.

It actually wasn't that cold, but I didn't feel well - I never felt awful (except a sore throat/ tired on Thursday that came on suddenly and had me going to bed early), but I definitely feel like going on an adventure, even though that had been my plan.

Plans change. We adjust.

(We practice this when it's easy so that it will be easier when it is hard.)

Rem said he felt ok, but then wanted to stay in his pajamas for most of the day and was content to do a lot of reading (a little more than normal, even though he does do a lot of reading, normally).

Saturday was his last soccer game of the season (a loss in the first round of playoffs) and that was frustrating. As was going shoe shopping - it's hard for him to find shoes that fit his wide feet.

(He seemed to be a size 4 or 4.5, going purely by measurement, but in the brand we picked, a size 5 was just right. This makes his shoe size only a size and a half different than mine. And sure enough, when we compared feet, the biggest difference was shape, not length, though my feet are still longer than his, obviously.)

But by Sunday, everybody was feeling fine again - I didn't have the constant sinus pressure/ tired, and Remy felt up to raking the front yard with his babysitter (earning money for in-app purchases on his favorite game).

M and I went to see Spectre and nudged each other during the Moroccan scenes.

(That train! Hahahaha, we wish! Even our one first class trip was much more basic than that.)

And then I slept in this morning, because oh my goodness, I needed that.