sick/solo half days

This week is shaping up a bit rough. Nothing I can't handle, but all at once, because that's November.

Saturday, I caught the more intense cold that M had last week (I'd had a little virus last weekend, but it was nothing compared to this one). The worst of it was Saturday night, but I'm being careful not to overdo things, lest it turn to bronchitis.

On Wednesday, M leaves for his yearly conference, which means solo parenting for four days. Two of which are half days at Remy's school, because it's parent teacher conference time. Again, nothing I can't handle, but if I'm still sick by then (which is likely), those half days are gonna be way less fun than they could have been.

(I'd like to have some fun half day adventures again!)

And all of it's gonna be OK.

I just won't focus on much else other than self care and surviving this week. I can do this. I've done it before and will again. Blogging comes second, when I'm sick. In fact, I will probably watch more movies this week than I have in ages. Because having a chest cold means being still and reading and watching movies and drinking a ton of hot tea.

And OK, continuing to create. If only on instagram.

(I am trying a new app on my iPad. If it is acceptable, I may also blog a little this week from the couch.)