what's going on (winter break)

this week is school vacation, so i'm doing mom stuff, in addition to my regular, not-quite-back-to-my-old-writing-habits.

and oh my goodness, some wicked insomnia. the essential oils helped last week, but this week i am just not even a little tired. i'm gonna blame hormones for this one. luckily, remy is still more self-reliant in the morning - and M is staying home to work thru much of this holiday - so i am ok, in terms of not being overly tired. it makes a difference.

as is my normal late-december/ early january routine, i'm also in the midst of reorganizing things, in my head, in my office and on my computer (maybe).

so after this break is over, i'll settle in, reorganize a little more and then pick a week to do my second draft. yup. that's happening. i guess i just needed some time.

space and time, yes.

and that's what's going on these days around here, in a nutshell.