2015 unfolding: difficult and amazing, both

Past years in review: 

I named 2015 as an unfolding year and oh my goodness, was that accurate. 

A lot of behind the scenes unfolding happened, much of which was difficult. I was hoping that it would unfold in a different way, but we aren't always in charge of what happens. And that's pretty much all I can say about that subject. 

Because much of what unfolded last year wasn't mine to write about. 

Seriously. Be kind. Seek justice. Work actively to do what you can do. You are enough. 

Remind yourself that there is still good in this world. Practice kindness. Practice self care. 

And so I remind myself that a lot of what unfolded in 2015 (in my life and in the world) was amazing:   

(OK, two. I love hyperbole.) 

My windows 8 phone drowned in Fes and I decided to switch to an iPhone

I did NaPoWriMo in April again. One poem a day, for a whole month. Oh, how I love poeming! 
(I also did a few other poem-a-month projects on instagram.) 


(Yes, that is bold, all caps with a thousand exclamation marks! OMG, I finished the first draft!)

We had a big seder (with other people) at our house for the first time since we moved to NJ. I don't think I wrote about it, but it was great. My FIL and his wife were visiting and we invited friends and Remy was totally all-in (we'd been doing smaller, just us three seders). 

I did a lot of decluttering and nesting (after reading The Magic Art of Tidying Up) in mid/ late winter/ early spring. I made myself an office, from what used to be our guest bedroom. (I still haven't quite figured out where to store the mattress. Right now it's behind my printer table. I'm thinking of making a DIY murphey bed out of shelves. Ongoing projects, I have them.). 

In addition to writing and nesting and photoing, I brought music and dance back into my life in a big way in 2015. 

M and I performed a Nirvana cover at an open mic together!!!! And Remy performed at TWO open mics!!! 

The open mics got suspended for a few months, and then returned, but we were sick for the last one. I think M and I will be performing next time, and Remy also seems like he'll be a go.

Speaking of, Remy had an amazing year. Wow, that kid. He blows me away. 

He's turning ten in May. You can imagine we're making a huge deal out of it. Oh yes, we are. 

Yes, we are. 

And so I go into 2016. A year I first named "nurturing" but then switched to "nourishing" (in the hashtag of my new 366 project). And now I'm thinking, well, maybe both. Yes, let this year be both nurturing and nourishing.