nourishing: hibernation

hibernating in the depths of winter on a chilly, dreary day today looks like:

hours and hours of fiction reading and research reading and blog reading and silly internet reading

taking photos of birds and squirrels from the window

spending more time editing my #nourishinglex16 (366 project) photo of the day

dreaming about (and researching the heck out of) our next trip

drinking lots of tea

taking lots of baths

reminding myself that if I stay active, it'll help with my mood (this week has been easier because I've been able to do the wii fit and dance games)

reminding myself that stillness is essential, too

reminding myself that the gray today will be replaced by sun soon enough

thinking about nesting and getting up the motivation to vacuum and seeing via FB memories that I was doing the same thing last year on this day, too

playing games with my nine year old, who is home for the day with a cough (nothing serious, he just needed some extra sleep and some kid Mucinex)

relishing gluten free baguettes and cherry jam

sending love to those who need it

remembering we all need love

and that we all can choose to love

and that I choose love