nourishing myself: books

This afternoon, I was downloading the next book in the series I'm reading and for some reason, I decided to count up how many books I'd read on my Kindle last year.

The number astonished me.


The number might go as high as 20 if I count a few books actually finish or if there are other books I'm forgetting, rereads of books I've owned awhile, for example, or borrowed ones.

Still. I only managed to read twenty books last year, at the most?

Wow. That's not very bookworm of me. I mean, I know I went through a book drought last year (I wrote about it here - and about it ending, which turned out not to be a fast ending, I guess) but come on! That's not even two books a month!

I was shocked. So I decided to go further back in my "manage content and devices" page and counted up how many books I read in 2014. That number made much more sense to me. I knew I read a lot of books that year. And I did.

On Kindle I read over 50 books - and that's not counting the few books I read on paper that year (before I started noticing how much it affected my asthma), and I probably read a few more that were EPUB - on my iPad - and not Kindle, too. Amazon only keeps track of the books I borrow or buy through them.

There's reasons aplenty for why I didn't read as many books last year, but when it comes down to it, it's still shocking to see the numbers side by side like that. 50+ books one year and then not even 20 the next.


Souster B suggested I make a graph. "A pretty graph, with colors!" And I tried. It wasn't pretty. I do not like making graphs. Instead, I took a photo of the home screen of my Kindle Paperwhite, which is sitting next to me on the couch, charging.

Take it as evidence that so far, I am reading much more this year! A trend I hope continues, but if it doesn't, it doesn't. There's nothing wrong with not reading a lot, it's just weird to me.

Anyway, the next book in the series I'm reading - the one I just borrowed today, right after finishing the last one - is House Rules, by Chloe Neill. I started this series in September - or at least, borrowed the first book at that time. It may have taken me awhile to get around to actually reading it (only the first few books of the series are on last year's list), and now I'm on book 7. I've gathered reading steam, since I figured out I was being slowly glutened last month.


You'll notice there's also two guidebook samples (we're planning Remy's tenth birthday trip! and I'm trying to get a sense of the available guidebooks) and the Illustrated Princess Bride sample - I wanted to get a sense of whether to buy that or the regular edition. It may not be worth it on the Paperwhite, maybe, but on my iPad (and Remy's Kindle Fire) definitely worth while. The illustration in the sample is very pretty!

And yes, I play solitaire every night on my Kindle Paperwhite, to help me fall asleep - I cannot fall asleep reading. At some point, I have to stop reading, and switch to solitaire. It works for me. (And the not-very-bright screen glow of the Paperwhite is *perfect* for not exacerbating my insomnia, which is exactly what I was hoping for when I bought it.)

Remy was reading one of the Harry Potter books in the Freetime app recently enough that that's the final "book" on my first page. I may want to finish reading the series myself, before we go to Orlando in May, we'll see.

Books are nourishing, yes they are.