nourish/nurture :: nurturing/nourishing

Sometime at the end of December, in the fog of accidental, chronic "may contain traces of" glutening (which I thought was me getting/being sick), I swapped my initial choice for word of the year ("nurturing") with my runner up choice, "nourishing."

Thus, my hashtag for this year's 366 project is "nourishinglex16."



Or is it?

The week I was mulling over words, I was really torn between these two, specifically. But "nurture" sounds overly parental and "nourish" is overly food oriented, so I couldn't pick one over the other. I journal-doodled ideas for similar words that would mean the same but not contain those specific connotations, but nothing seemed right. (Basically, I liked the sounds of nourishing and nurtured, they just sounded right. I just couldn't decide between the two connotations.)

So one day, I picked one and wrote about it and then in the middle of writing I changed my mind and went with the other.

(Yup. That happened. Even though it might seem like I'm writing pure stream of consciousness style, I actually edit a lot - both as I go and after finishing - so that hopefully my thoughts are seamless, or at least interestingly jointed.)

So maybe my mistake isn't a mistake at all, but an unconscious (until yesterday) decision to pick both words.

Yup, I'm going with that theory.



Side note: one of my friends told me on FB that she picked one of my poemed-words ("worlding") as her word of the year and not only was that incredibly flattering, I was immediately jealous! Why hadn't I picked worlding! That's such a great word! But then I realized, no. That's not my 2016. Maybe 2017. More likely 2018 or even 2019. We'll see.

(Way advanced sabbatical dreaming, we has it. Despite sabbatical being a dream in and of itself.)