practicing be-ing (winter edition)

I was feeling a little anxious last week, waiting for the blizard.

And yet, I knew it would be OK.


All our plans were cancelled in anticipation. Rescheduled or rearranged. We are lucky in that regard, that we can rearrange whatever needs rearranging. So lucky.

And so we had no where to go, and we've had lots of practice being home together. We had our usual weekend/holiday hygge (comfy-cozy) day: games and reading and art and more reading and then in late afternoon, the possibility of a movie or video game playing.

(We introduced Remy to Indiana Jones!)

The snow began, earlier than expected. The snow ended up being much deeper than expected. (We got about two feet, plus some. The most all-at-once snow we've ever had here.) The cleanup was a little bit easier, too, because one of our neighbors used their snowblower on the entire block's sidewalk.

Of course that still left the driveway and stairs. Which was a lot. And M still had it finished before I woke up Sunday morning. We celebrated the end of the shoveling with lunch and snow boot shopping (Remy outgrew his old pair and was wearing mine).

Driving to lunch/the store was more practice for me in breathing through an anxiety attack. I love our car, and it feels safe but other cars make me nervous. M drove and we were fine. I can breathe through anxiety. I've done it before and I'll do it again.

Monday was a snow day, which I expected, since the school parking lots had to be shoveled out (residents are encouraged to park in those lots instead of the streets) and then plowed.

I got Remy to go through his room with me and make some edits (decluttering). There was so much dust that I needed to take some benadryl. (I'm so allergic to dust.)

Today I'm breathing easier.

It looks like we've got mild weather on the way (above freezing, during the day) and so I'm not as worried about ice.

I just had an idea about the living room that may or may not work out, but I think I'm inspired to do some winter nesting this week.

Meanwhile, I'll finish up writing, listen to Spotify, drink some more tea and then get ready to go pick Remy up.

And I'll keep breathing.

Winter is just winter. I'm practicing being in it. Be-ing, in winter.