a quick date day pantoum

we took ourselves out

to lunch and a movie

and buying bath bombs

at the mall while snow fell


as we lunched and Deadpooled

our day together, a middle aged date

at the mall during a snow storm

while our child played at home


during our date day together, middle age

the means of connection and trust

creating the child, left playing at home

while we tended the flames of this love


our connection and trust, the truth

that taking ourselves out for the day

is tending these flames of passionate love

and getting a few bath essentials from Lush



This will likely need editing, or not. But I felt the call to wrote in form tonight and the Pantoum is fun and felt right for this, a belated valentine's poem for my love.

21 and a half years. It goes so quickly. And oh, how I love letting time spin around me with him. Yes, yes, yes.