In winters past, I have photo-stalked the birds that live around my house, notably the cardinals and blue jays. Oh, and the sparrows!

(We have owls in our neighborhood, but not close enough to the house that I ever see them. I hear them, though.)

There are always birds here, it's one of my favorite things about this house. In winter the birds just stand out more. Contrast, maybe, or fewer leaves to camouflage them.

This winter, my desk is no longer by the best bird stalking window, and anyway, I'm not at my desk most days. (M has suggested a laptop. I'm pretty happy with my iPad, but he's right: it's only good for light work. I've been thinking it might be time to lower my standing desk and get a good chair. We'll see.)

So even though I'm not there most of the time, the birds still put on their little shows. And I grab my camera and capture them as best I can.

And that's another practice to help me fight the winter blahs.