competely random randomness

So it occurred to me, after I finished watching Survivor today (disappointing - last season was so epic and this new season is just, not at all epic and I really disliked the tribe's decision) that I could probably use M's laptop* (which is really a shared laptop, except more his than mine) to blog.

And yes, look. I can!

And it was really easy to get the waterlogue from my iPad to Picasa so I could use this overly colorful explosion of my clothes hallway for this post.

I don't know - I could have easily written this in Blogsy (the app I'm using on my iPad) but I thought it would be interesting to try something different, since I was using the laptop anyway.

Different is helpful, to me, in the winter. It helps keep things interesting.

Even something so minor as, what computing device I am using to type these words.

Yup. Totally random, geeky, silly. I don't even know. But there you have it, that's today.

An explosion of random and silly.


* Long story short, CBS doesn't allow next day streaming on their apps unless you subscribe. But their online streaming of current episodes (with ads) is free. So I have to use the laptop or the desktop to watch. It's worth it, because my weekly survivor group chats are extremely nourishing to me. I love our chats!

Even when the current episode leaves a lot to be desired.

(Seriously, how could they have voted that way? IT MAKES NO SENSE. Except for the obvious. Ugh. I'm gonna go parse it more with my friends. It. Just. Doesn't. Make. Sense. Except that it does, because that's American culture in a nutshell. Sigh. And that's why I watch - for the cultural aspects. Even when they make me unhappy. Sigh.)