existential tuesdaying

It's February and this year, we aren't (planning on) going anywhere warm during the school breaks. We're sticking it out until spring arrives, for real, amid this back and forth strange winter weather.

(Cold today, with flurries of snow.)

This is not unexpected, though I'd hoped maybe I'd find a very good, last minute deal (like I did last year).

And so I'm cold and wintered out and it hasn't even been that awful.

And I wish that I could be using my super deal finding skills to find somewhere warm to go during next week's break, but that wouldn't be wise. May will come soon enough - and spring, even before then (I hope).

So it's time to keep digging deep and remembering my self care practices.

It's time to nourish myself.

It's time to fill my cup so I can be nourishing to others.



[The title was inspired by my friend AK, who posted on Facebook about her Existential Tuesday angst. Exactly, I thought. Exactly. Effing February. Effing Tuesday. Effing existential angst.]