nourishing :: grace

today, grace meant being tired and letting myself be tired.

today, grace meant looking around at last minute travel ideas because Remy has a three day break next week and it is going to be the cost it had been this winter.

today, grace meant accepting that the choices I make means going to Cancun or Miami for a long weekend (the best deals I was able to find) isn't feasible because I want that epic May 10th birthday adventure to be truly epic more than I want to have four days of warmth.

today, grace meant buying a spur of the moment - hopefully awesome - present for M. Just because. We don't always do valentine's day gifts but I randomly found something perfect for him.

today grace meant suggesting a posible get-warm (close to home) adventure idea (indoor water park).

today grace meant sitting in the sun as long as possible, before the day turned gray again.

today, grace meant looking at myself with love.

today, grace meant gentleness.

today, grace meant love.