nourishing myself: game playing

Last year, at the end of January, souster B gave us a very fun game called Munchkin Pathfinder. It became an instant hit in our house - we even took it with us to Morocco last summer. We played a lot of UNO, a lot of The Game of Life (on Kindle Fire) and a lot of games of Munchkin. A lot of games.

(We also played a few other regular card games, like War and Gin. And also I Spy and Top Five lists. But not nearly as much as the other games.)

For Hanukkah, Remy ended up getting three new expansion packs for our game (Munchkin, the game, is a huge universe and all the card sets can be played with any "core" set) and we liked the expansions so much I ended up getting another one. (They're slightly addictive?)

We played our first game with the new expansion pack today and it was even more fun. And I'm not saying that just because I won. (Handedly.)

Yet another thing that nourishes me: paying games with my family.

And winning.

Just kidding. Sort of.