standing in the doorway: february

February has been open windows and melting-fast snow.

And sitting on my couch not knowing what to do next.

February has been letting go of outgrown toys and games.

And then piles of stuff waiting to go to Goodwill.

February has been trying to erase my chalk calendar and failing.

And then remembering (via Google) that a Magic Eraser will work. (And did! But now I need to figure out how to keep the contact paper on the wall.)

February has been late nights.

And then sleeping in.

February has been having three eagerly awaited books in my Kindle.

And then not knowing which one to read first. (Just have to make a decision, which I'll do.)

February has been hearing that the fourth grade got in big trouble for rudeness during the fifth grade recital today.

And then learning that my kid was one of the only ones who didn't participate in that rudeness (and that he got an "upstander" award as a result).

February has been forgetting to meditate.

And then writing it out instead.