always unfolding

In the last few weeks, I've taken the rug out of the living room (not sure if we'll replace it or leave the floor bare), rearranged furniture, streamlined the kitchen and begun using a fitness tracker to help me get more movement into my day.

(Added bonus, the tracker I picked also vibrates when my cell phone rings or I get a text. I have missed far fewer calls / texts these past few weeks!)

These are all nourishing habits for me, but they're also examples of my continually unfolding life.

And there's more, going on under the surface. Lots of interesting conversations happening, lots of unfolding happening, on a personal level.

(We're talking a lot about things that may or may not happen in two or three years, and how to get ready for them, or not. Things like middle school, sabbatical, bar mitzvah. Not making decisions, just talking them through. It's nice to be on the same page.)