nourishing (calm): coloring apps

Last summer, one of the things I brought with us to Morocco was an adult coloring book. These are all the rage - I got another one for my birthday. But right now, with the tree pollen going crazy, coding on paper isn't working or for me (paper dust and I don't get along). But I love coloring. It's very calming.

So I started wondering whether or not coloring on my iPad mini would be feasible - I checked out a few dedicated coloring book apps, but auto fill is not my style. And then I realized that I already have an app (that i use mostly for making blackout poems) that would allow me to use layers to color: Pen and Ink.

And voila: digital coloring pages.

Then, me being me, I wondered if there were any "better" drawing apps and started researching and trying new ones out. I'd like the possibility of more photo layers and patterns. But I realized today: looking for different apps isn't calming the same way coloring is calming. So I went back to Pen and Ink and just picked pretty colors and played.

I may still look around at new art apps. But it's good to know when to stop, drop, and art.