nourishing: loosened expectations

today is:

* gray, drizzly, chilly

* slow, fluid, dreamy

* spacy, centered, calm

It's the middle of March and spring has really begun - already leaves and flowers are budding. This is early, here, it seems, but maybe that's just because the last few years we seem to have had a horrendously elongated winter.

Shorter winter is definitely easier, for me.

I'd much rather have a sore throat and itchy eyes than a numb, painful (with being cold) nose. I'd much rather wear less layers (even though I do love my swants).

And that's life. Sometimes it's easier, sometimes not. The trick is in loosening my expectations (letting go, letting go - yeah, that's difficult, so let's think of it as loosening). When I expect March to be easier, and it isn't it's harder. Last year I did a lot of practice letting go of the expectation that March should be warmer. And it helped. A lot.

But this March is easier. Which is a nice change.

Still, it is useful to remind myself that loosening expectations is a valuable practice.

Because next March will be different than this year. Better or worse, who can say. But it will definitely be different. Because life.