nourishing (what i love about) blur


This morning, I had to wake up early to see Rem off to school (M had a conference in the City). Mornings aren't my favorite time of day, but I went to sleep early enough last night that I felt ok. Not too tired.

It had snowed a little overnight. I'm hoping this might be the last snow of the season (famous last words, right?) but nevertheless, given how little snow we've had this year (or rather, how much, but *all at once*), it still feels magical, waking up to a light dusting of snow.

I grabbed my camera and headed to the back yard to get some photos.

I take a lot of photos, sometimes trying on new styles of ideas, but eventually, I always fall back on blur.

Oh how I love that blur!

And I'm not just talking about bokeh (the non-focused blur). I also like motion blur and subject blur, too. And double exposure is it's own kind of blur, too (perhaps that's one reason I like it so much).

Often, reading online lens reviews, photographers will go on and on about sharpness. And I get it, I do. Sharpness is slick and cool looking. Magical in a hyper-real way.

But that creamy or grainy blur is magical, too. And that's my type of magic right now. Out of focus, soft. Wondrous. Dreamy.

And so today, I nourished myself, taking some of the kinds of photos that I love.

This is winter self-care. This is winter-love. This is winter-nourishing.


(And then I went inside and finished my coffee and made some oatmeal and watched Survivor. Because that's also winter-nourishing. And I need that, too.)