sweating it out

I woke up with so much anxiety this morning.

Just straight up, pre-period, hormonal anxiety. Plus the fairly constant right now "my kid is having a tough year at school" variety.

(I shared a little more about that on Facebook earlier this week - I don't really feel comfortable discussing it here yet, in my public Internet space. This year has been a challenge, tho. That's for sure.)

Anyway, walking up anxious and scared and worried and sad, I decided to practice what I preach, re: self care.

I tried to play a round or three of Just Dance 2015 (which I checked out from the library last week), but it turns out the disc was scratched beyond what even my disc repair kit could fix. Sigh.

So I turned to my (now old) standby: Wii fit.

And sure enough, I started feeling better after sweating it out a bit.

After that, I read an entire novella in the bath and then I found an old friend of the first in a book series (Pawns of Prophecy, by David Eddings). It's only available digitally as an audio book, not my favorite format, but it turned out listening to the story I hadn't read in so very long was awfully healing, too.

And it turns out, I can color while I'm listening to an audio book. Which helps with retention some. (It also helps that I know this story very well and have read the books a hundred times. I have audio processing issues, so I would never listen to a book the first time I read it: I'd forget everything I heard.)

It also helps that our spring warmth is back. And R had a good day. And I got a new stylus in the mail, to further my coloring addiction. lol

So now the anxiety is a dull roar. Mostly gone. I still have a day or two til my blood actually arrives, and that will be that, in terms of the hormonal stuff. This cycle. Ah, being a mammal is so much freaking fun sometimes.

And that's what I'd call self care for the win!