nourishing (adventure)

Last weekend, I rearranged the house again. Just a little: moved the divan back to my office and switched the end tables in my office and living room.

I love rearranging. That's no surprise. It's hardly even worth writing about (I posted photos on instagram, but didn't expect it to make it here).

Except this. This photo. Which showcases the quote that I decoupaged on this cheap IKEA nightstand (which I was using as a printer stand in my office but now have as an end table in the living room).
"Do one thing a day that scares you."

I decoupaged this nightstand way back when we lived in Alabama, somewhere between the failed job search year of 2009 and the winning one of 2010. That same year where we started trying to find the answer to Remy's puzzling language delay, decided to have a second baby, found out about Remy's ischemia and had a miscarriage.

Yeah, that was a seriously shitty year, all told.

I put that quote on the nightstand to remind myself: we were still moving forward, we were still having fun adventures, we were still living our life, even when it scared us. We had done scary things before, we would do scary things again. Over and over. One scary thing a day.

And yes, sometimes a day had many scary moments (to be braved one moment at a time), and sometimes a day had none. I think it all balances out in the end. I'm not about following this advice blindly, just seizing the day when it is applicable.

And oh, I seized those days! The shitty moments and the amazing ones, too.

That was the year I drove back from Tampa to Mobile (about an eight hour drive, which I divided into two days) by myself, with an almost four year old Remy, because we'd decided the most fun way to do the two job interviews M had that spring break would be for us to take a road trip with him to the one in FL and then put him on a plane to the one in NJ and have Remy and I drive home. And it was fun. And it was scary, to do my first road trip with Remy by myself.

And despite a few shitty moments, in the end it was worth it: we had a great time in Florida, a sort of last hurrah, since M ended up getting that second job in NJ. And I conquered another traveling first.
Turns out I enjoy conquering my own personal traveling firsts.

It's interesting to me that I brought the nightstand back into our living room now, because I'm in the planning stages for a summer adventure that gives me the same sort of thrilling scared feelings as that first road trip alone with Remy: I'm planning an epic summer road trip with him to California and back.

I think it's gonna be amazing. I think it'll be worth the inevitable shitty moments (that scare me). I think it will be fun.

So I like the reminder: do one thing a day that scares you.

Because it's being brave in all the little scary moments that makes it easier to say yes to the epic traveling firsts.

And so I say yes.

(But reserve the right to change my mind about the road trip if a better, more epic/fun plan gets made. Like I said, this is just in the planning stages.)