NaPoWriMo 2016: day thirty!


Day THIRTY!!!!!!!!

This is it, my fellow poets, this is our last poem for the month of April! Thirty poems - one a day! You did it!

(And I hope you know that even if you have up, even if you "quit" you can start back up at ANY moment. Your poems are waiting for you.)

Today, let's go back to the beginning and write another in this moment poem.

Let us take as our example today the poem, This Room and Everything in It by Li-Young Lee.

And write the poem that is waiting inside of you, as you sit/ stand/ walk through your day.


It has been such a pleasure sharing these prompts with you during this month of daily poeming. Thank you all for writing your poems.

Keep writing, past this month. Maybe not every day (though you can keep going in May, as I do some years). Write when you need to, as often as possible. In this way, daily practice builds up your poeming muscles.

Happy Poeming!