NaPoWriMo 2016: day twenty-seven


Day twenty-seven!

It's the weekend Wednesday, so let's play with words again!

[Remember, these prompts were written three years ago. :-)]

Today you get your choice of several prompt ideas:

* The first one is: open a dictionary to a random page (or use the random hard words flashcards online, if you don't have a paper dictionary) and find a word you didn't already know the meaning of, and write a poem with that word as the title (or somewhere in the main body of the poem).

This prompt was inspired by my friend Gayle Brandeis' book, Dictionary Poems.

* Write a poem with only awesome words you love, no filler words. (This prompt was inspired by the poem, 50 Things: words i've loved {poem-style}).

* Generate a list of random words (ask a friend for five words or use the random word generator) and write a poem with these words. I wrote a poem using this prompt in 2011.

You could also get visual, if you'd like, for bonus points :-)

Have fun with this one today and happy poeming!